Jim Ward is is one of the cofounders of body piercing as a public phenomena in his role both as owner of the original piercing studio Gauntlet and the original body modification magazine PFIQ, both long before BME staff had even entered highschool. He currently works as a designer in Calfornia where he lives with his partner.

These articles were originally written and produced for BMEzine.com and appear here with their cooperation. Jim is currently working on a book that will incorporate the material found here.

Full Column Archive:

2003/08/17: Who Is Jim Ward?
BME is very proud and thrilled to welcome Jim Ward, one of the founders of the piercing movement.
2003/09/12: From New York to Hollywood
Jim Ward tells us about some of the first nipple piercings, genital piercings, and even surface piercings!
2003/11/11: The Beginnings of the Modern Body Piercing Movement
Jim Ward talks about doing his first piercings in the early 1970s.
2004/01/23: 'In the beginning there was Gauntlet'
Jim Ward describes starting Gauntlet, the first known piercing-only studio in history.
2004/03/15: Who Was Doug Malloy?
You may have heard that someone from MUZAK funds the body piercing conspiracy… but who?
2004/05/28: Gauntlet's Jewelry Design Legacy
In 1976, you couldn't buy body jewelry because NO ONE manufactured it…so where did it come from?
2004/07/31: The First Piercing Store Opens its Doors
November 17, 1978: The world's first piercing studio is opened by Jim Ward.
2004/10/24: The World's First Piercing Magazine
In October 1977, Jim Ward begins what would become a 50 issue series of PFIQ.
2005/03/29: Spreading the Word and Remembering Sailor Sid
In this chapter: Unfriendly reactions to piercing from the early tattoo community, more piercing parties, and meeting Sailor Sid Diller.
2005/07/15: A Visit to London and Remembering Mr. Sebastian
RtG recounts meeting Allen Oversby, considered by many to be the father of European piercing.

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