Running the Gauntlet Softcover


In a 2003 documentary titled The Social History of Piercing, MTV called Jim Ward “the granddaddy of the modern piercing movement.” He opened Gauntlet, the world’s first body piercing studio, in the mid-1970s laying the foundation for what would become a worldwide industry. Jim was responsible not only for popularizing the various body piercings, but also for developing many of the piercing techniques and jewelry designs that are in common use today. Running the Gauntlet provides an intimate history of the man and his legacy.

“Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how modern body piercing arrived at the place it currently occupies.” —James Weber
Past President of the Association of Professional Piercers
and President of Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, PA.

Jim Ward’s much anticipated book Running the Gauntlet—An Intimate History of the Modern Body Piercing Movement features:

  • Soft Cover Edition
  • Over 180 pages
  • More than 150 COLOR photos!
  • Over 100 photos in black and white
  • Every book ordered through this website will be personally inscribed and signed by the author.

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