Responsible Body Piercing Softcover


Gauntlet is widely considered to be the primary force responsible for pioneering the body piercing industry. Established in 1975, it held its position as a leader for almost 25 years. Between 1995 and the company’s demise in 1998, it conducted ongoing seminars teaching aspiring piercers the basics of the profession. This book was the manual given to all students who undertook the training.

This book is strictly a historical curiosity, a snapshot of the prevailing practices and standards of a particular time. No one should attempt any of the piercings shown herein unless supervised by an experienced professional piercer who is up-to-date on the most current information. Take to heart the title of this document and always act responsibly.

For anyone interested in the history of modern body piercing, Running the Gauntlet is considered a primary source. Joining that classic text is the newly republished Responsible Body Piercing.

Responsible Body Piercing features:

  • Softcover Edition
  • Large format with color covers
  • 146 pages
  • Over 100 black and white photos and illustrations
  • Every book ordered through this website personally inscribed and signed by Jim Ward